St Louis Ballroom Lessons for Dancers

About Us

Have you been wanting to learn ballroom, latin, swing dance for a while now? Well, let us help you get started! Join the fun in St. Louis' Gem of a Ballroom Dance Studio... Dance Pizazz! Don't miss this great opportunity to HAVE FUN, learn some great steps, great technique, and to increase your fitness level!

So if you live in St. Louis, St. Charles, St. Peters or any surrounding area, we welcome you to be a part of our PIZAZZ family.

First Class ballroom, latin, swing dance instruction

Located in St. Peters, Mo just outside of St. Louis, Dance Pizazz offers first class instruction in ballroom, latin, swing, wedding and other social dance styles.

Where did the name Dance Pizazz come from?

About the Dance Pizazz name… now how exactly did it come about? You know we are the Ballroom, Latin and Swing studio in St. Charles and the goto dance studio of St. Louis, but where did we come from? If you’re a dancer at Dance Pizazz but have yet to hear us tell you the story of our studio name, well you’re in for quite the treat.
It all started in 2008 from a simple trip to New Town St. Charles. Nikki had been looking for various spaces to rent to start for their very own ballroom dance studio.

After a day filled with visiting possible locations, they pulled over on the side of the street in New Town. Exhausted and tired as you can imagine, they then started getting a bit slap happy. Nikki looked down the street and noticed a Hair Salon called “Zephr Hair,” and thought, “You know if we had a studio around here, we should call it Dance Pizazz.” Nikki was just joking around, but the idea so it stuck.

By dictionary Pizazz is defined as “energy, vitality, attractive style, dash, flair.” A perfect definition of something we wanted our new studio to be, a perfect definition of what our students become.

The Dance Pizazz Mission Statement

Dance Pizazz’s mission is to provide an environment where dreams come true…and anything is possible. Included in our mission is the belief that in our environment of FUN, ACCEPTANCE, FRIENDSHIP and CARE, everyone can achieve their dream, overcome any obstacle, and define their own success.

Ballroom, Swing, Latin and other social forms of dance

We use the medium of ballroom, latin, swing and other social dance forms to provide a transformative “greenhouse” where the student takes the reins of his or her own life, and with the care and inspiration of our professionals, writes their own future, using dancing as the medium. We embrace the ideals of fun, hope and success to learn great dancing and make new friends.

Our Mission: Simply—For you to have fun!