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St Louis Ballroom Dancing Staff at Dance Pizazz

Welcome to our St Louis ballroom dancing staff page! At Dance Pizazz we have a vision of creating an environment where our #1 rule is having FUN! Join our St Louis ballroom dancing staff for a lesson today!

We have many qualified dance instructors that possess expertise in a variety of dances from a social dancing level to the competitive. They teach everyone whether they are amateur adults, aspiring competitors, or just want to learn the latest moves to use in the dance clubs. So, stop by, introduce yourself and say "HI" today!

Dance Pizazz’s St Louis ballroom dancing staff has been serving the St Louis area since 2008

Nikki Thompson

Nikki Thompson is Owner of Dance Pizazz.

She began her dance career on skates 17 years ago. She can tell you stories about doing the skating version of Waltz or Tango if you ask, and yes that’s where she acquired her keen sense of timing. She competed for 8 years in skating in both regional and national competitions, so she is a veteran when it comes to performance. While competing in skating she also simultaneously competed in cheerleading for two years. But after years of skating and cheerleading, she quickly fell in love with ballroom dance after watching her first ballroom competition.

Nikki is passionate about helping guys learn to dance, and has been said to have lots of patience. Guys no worries! She has an extraordinary ability to transform beginners into confident dancers in no time.

Throughout her life, Nikki has balanced her passion for competition with education. She comes to ballroom dancing after a successful career in “Corporate America” to find her “DREAM JOB.” She holds a Masters degree in communications in advertising and marketing from Webster University.

Josiah Thompson

Josiah has a one-of-a-kind extroverted personality and is a true “people-person,” who enjoys teaching student fun new dance moves. He is a rock solid example of someone who “eats, sleeps and breaths” dance. It is easy for anyone to get addicted to ballroom dance because of Josiah’s high energy, positive attitude and warm teaching style.

At the age of 6, Josiah Thompson had his first encounter with the world of dance. Only a year later, he moved away from Jazz, Tap, and Ballet, and discovered many new passions. Childhood happened. Little did he know that the dance shoes of fate would call upon him once again, and he would be asked to choreograph a Viennese Waltz for a close friend’s Quinceañera, at age 12; foreshadowing many Waltz’s to come in the following years. Than at at 16, Josiah became a member of the Mizzou Latin Dance Club.

The next summer after Josiah decided to take the plunge and move from Columbia to St. Louis, Missouri to become a formally trained ballroom dance instructor. Since then he became the founder and president of his high school’s Ballroom Dance Club.

Josiah has a one of a kind extroverted personality, enjoys meeting new people, and takes pride in teaching them. It’s near impossible to catch Josiah NOT dancing!

New Faces!

Dance Pizazz is on the move and growing! Check back or come on in for a lesson or party to meet our other professional ballroom dance instructors on our St Louis ballroom dancing staff.

Guru Prasanna Kasthuri

Apart from a devoted Indian Dance Performer, Prasanna Kasthuri has organized many many events. Under his leadership, St. Louis witnessed the very first Indian Drama Festival – “Nataka 2007″ and the very first Indian Classical Dance Festival – “St. Louis Indian Dance Festival” in 2008. His past achievements such as 24-hour non-stop performance (1986), a rank in Vidwat (1985), and holds a Master’s Degree in information technology. Guru Prasamma has trained hundreds of students in India, Europe and in USA. More than 15 students performed arangetrams under his tutelage.