Affordable ballroom dance shoes and dress rental available now

Dance Shoes

The Dance Pizazz store has several shoe selections to choose from. We take pride in fulfilling all of your Ballroom dancing shoe needs for professional and amateur competitions, shows, exhibitions, and everyday practice.

Having the right pair of dance shoes makes dancing more comfortable and more enjoyable. The proper pair of shoes will help with your balance and turning, and will help you look and feel your best.

If you are dancing fairly often, you should treat yourself to some good dance shoes. Proper ballroom dance shoes are lightweight, fit closely to your foot, and have a suede sole. Suede is the perfect medium for dancing on hardwood floors as it neither slides too much, nor sticks too much — it grips the floor perfectly.

The best dance shoes have suede soles specifically to give you just the right amount of slip-and-grip. They are as light as a feather, have built-in extra cushioning, and have a steel shank that runs from the center into the heel for fantastic support.

You want shoes that will let you safely pivot or spin halfway around on one foot. Your shoes should let you pivot freely (to avoid knee damage), but not let you slip and fall. So, in general, leather-soled or suede-soled shoes are “good”, and rubber-soled sneakers, hiking boots, etc., are “not good”.

Call 636.441.685 to arrange for a shoe fitting.


Dress Rental

Pizazz dress rentals allows dancers the opportunity to choose a different dress for every competition, showcase.. All of dresses are competition quality many of which are custom made in -house. Each dress is hand sewn and stoned to create a custom design unlike any other.

Whether it be latin/rhythm or smooth/standard, renting your next dress from Pizazz will save you money and allow you the freedom to wear a different dress each time you perform. If you would like to try-on the dress to make sure it is the right fit for you, just call to arrange a personal dress fitting. Choose one dress or several you would like to try on and we will get them ready specifically for you.

For all other questions or information about rentals, 636.441.6854 or e-mail