St Louis Ballroom Lessons for Dancers

Ballroom Dance Group Classes

Ballroom Dance Group Classes are a great way for you to learn steps and familiarize yourself with the basics in a fun atmosphere. We offer beginner, intermediate, and advanced levels to accommodate your dancing ability. Group classes are offered in a developmental series and are progressive week over week.

Dance Pizazz offers groups classes for singles or couples, including both adults and young adults (with parental approval). No partner is required and class sizes are small enough to provide personal focus and attention. Below we will cover the benefits of group dance lessons and how they work.

Ballroom Dance Group Classes allow you to expand your ballroom training through group class participation

Benefits of Ballroom Dance Group Classes

1. Ballroom Dance Group Classes are the most social option to learn the basics of ballroom dance.
2. We don’t require a partner- All Ballroom Dance Group Classes rotate partners.
3. You will be treated to learning from a variety of dance instructors. Having multiple instructors for Ballroom Dance Group Classes will expand your learning by exposing you to different styles of teaching.
4. Ballroom Dance Group Classes offer a great way to learn steps for a variety of dances.
5. In a group dance setting, you will be introduced to social dance etiquette and you can refine and develop these skills as you build friendships and enjoy the fun and exciting culture of Dance Pizazz.
6. Group dances classes are very social and allow you to meet people of similar
interests and make new friends while you grow in your dancing.
7. If you have always wanted to take learn dance, signing up for our New Student Offer lesson is the best way to get started. Click on our Order Page above to get enrolled today here! If you are already enrolled in private lessons at Dance Pizazz, taking group classes is a very important aspect of developing and growing in your dancing. Group Lessons are a fun and rewarding way to practice dance steps. Get started today and we’ll see you on the dance floor here!

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