St Louis Ballroom Lessons for Dancers

Ballroom Dance Performances

Ballroom dance performances from Dance Pizazz brings professional dancers that are entertaining to your event! Have you considered a performance for shows, corporate parties, event classes, birthday parties, anniversary parties, product launches or your special events? Our professional ballroom dancers specialize in American Rhythm. Dances include Cha Cha, Rumba, Swing, Bolero, and Mambo, and others, and range from sensual, to romantic, to flirtatious and playful, to elegant and full of emotion, to high-energy and just plain fun!

Ballroom Dance Performances

Corporate Partnerships using ballroom dance performances

What Can Ballroom Dance Performances Do For My Employees? Dance lessons are the ultimate in multitasking – providing clients with skills they will use for a lifetime while serving as an excellent team building activity and a fun way to stay physically fit. Besides the health benefits, it reduces stress and helps maintain the positive outlook needed now more than ever in the workplace. It allows employees to get to know each other better, and teaches them how to respect their colleagues, be great team players as well as becoming a strong, self-accountable, individual. If your employees are happy and have better relationships with each other, job performance and company performance can only go up.

Ballroom Dance Performances and custom Ballroom Dance Classes are available at hours and locations convenient to you. A popular time for corporate offices is our 12:15-12:45 class, which gives your employees a fun lunch break. Contact David or Nikki to arrange a meeting to discuss how we can energize your event, party, outing or to develop a customized corporate wellness program, and how we can partner with you to add that zest into your employees expectations and upcoming fun!

  • We customize lesson packages that fit the needs of your employees, clients or event
  • Lessons can be scheduled during the lunch hour, in the mornings or evenings or on the weekends
  • Classes can take place at Dance Pizazz or at your facility
  • No partner necessary
  • Beginners always welcome
  • We also offer classes at retirement communities and social clubs