St Louis Ballroom Lessons for Dancers


Ballroom Dance Testimonials at Dance Pizazz, illustrate how we pride ourselves with the top-notch instruction and the caring relationship we develop with all of our students. Whether you are a beginner dancer or an aspiring professional dance; we have the experience to bring out the absolute best in your dancing! Here are just a few samples of Ballroom Dance Testimonials from our students.

I love Dance Pizazz! I live out of town, but every time I visit St. Charles I make sure to go and dance. They have a fabulous studio with a ton of space, and a great floor. Also, David and Nikki are wonderful, very professional, and truly know the insides and outs of Ballroom Dancing. I highly recommend this studio.


I began at Dance Pizazz in Oct. 2010, taking a group class from David, as well as one with Lin Chester. I started private lessons with Nikki in Jan. 2011, and an additional group class with David in April 2011. Each of these instructors is talented, patient, and caring. Each brings a unique approach to teaching the art of ballroom dancing. I am grateful to each of them for sharing their time and expertise with me. David and Nikki are devoted to offering an outstanding dance package suitable for all ages and skill levels. They are continually making improvements to an already excellent facility. Additionally, the studio is a social arena through which I have made wonderful friendships.



My fiance and I are getting married on Saturday and we’ll be dancing the Rumba for our first dance as a married couple. We’ve been coming to Dance Pizazz every week for personal instructions with David and he has been an excellent dance instructor. He is very patient and has always made us feel very comfortable. We’ve always looked forward to our weekly lesson – it’s such a wonderful and fun experience and it’s given the two of us some much needed time together before the wedding. We can’t wait to show off our new dance moves to our family and friends! David and Nikki are great people and have always been welcoming and accommodating. I even had my bridal shower here and everyone commented on how fabulous it was!



David and Nikki are wonderful, they make you feel comfortable the minute you step in the door…Great dance instruction, nice atmosphere!!!



A+ studio! I highly recommend Dance Pizazz to anyone interested in learning to dance. David and Nikki are great instructors — fun, talented, patient — with lots of enthusiasm and a beautiful studio. I’m having a wonderful time in group and private lessons there, and they throw parties where you can practice your skills a couple times a month, too.



We love taking ballroom lessons with David and Nikki. We do the group class–pay in advance for a discount, so it is very affordable. David is a very good instructor, able to explain the dances slowly, patiently and many different ways for all of us who learn differently. We have had fun getting to know the other dancers in the class, too. It makes for a fun date night for my husband and I in a fun setting.



Sarah and I danced the tango for our first dance on August 15, 2009. The song we danced to is “Por Una Cabeza” by Astor Piazzolla. We took lessons from David Thompson at Dance Pizazz ( in St. Peters, MO. This dance was really fun and a lot of hard work, but it is *definitely* worth it.



My fiancé’ and I are getting married on Saturday and we’ll be doing the Rumba for our first dance as a married couple. We’ve been coming to Dance Pizazz every week for personal instruction with David and he has been an excellent dance instructor. HE is very patient and has always made us feel comfortable. We’ve always looked forward to our weekly lesson. It’s such a wonderful and fun experience and it’s given the two of us some much needed time together before the wedding. We can’t wait to show off our new dance moves to our family and friends! David & Nikki are great people and have always been very accommodating. I even had my bridal shower here and everyone commented on how fabulous it was!

Greg & Eva


Our lessons for our upcoming wedding were great! The dance staff was very friendly and made us feel comfortable. They made learning dance easy & fun. I would recommend taking lesson from dance pizazz to anyone!



David & his staff have been very kind and helpful, patient with my two left feet. I felt comfortable asking questions and I was always treated with dignity and respect when I had trouble learning dance steps.



I was very surprised at what I had learned from David and actually how much fun it was. I was not too excited at first, but I wound up enjoying it. We get married next Saturday and I feel prepared to put on a show for our guests! Thanks so much David & Dance Pizazz!



When it came to our first dance I knew I didn’t want circles. David made it easy for both of us to take what we wanted and make it special. He knew how to break it down and make it easy for us to learn. We will have a dance to remember and an experience for our guests!



My fiancée and I came to Dance pizazz to learn a dance for our 1st dance at our wedding. We came from very different backgrounds. I danced from ages 2-18. I have been trained in tap, ballet, and jazz. My fiancé has had no dance training. We met with David and both felt very comfortable and excited about this dance adventure. Even though I have dance experience, I have not dances with a partner. We had a shaky start and we got frustrated at times but David had so much patience and wonderful teaching skills that everything fell into place beautifully. I can’t wait to continue here in the future.



I saw the signs for Dance Pizazz while we were registering for our wedding. My fiancé was reluctant to call. So, I called and made the first class that Tuesday. We came in VERY unsure of ourselves but excited to make out first dance special. David and Nikki were great. They were friendly and made it so easy to learn and have fun by the end of that class he wanted to buy 10 sessions. We came in every week and fought about dancing, but after each class we were closer to being what we wanted for our big day. Now we are confident to dance in front of our family and friends on our wedding day! Thank you; this was the best “pre-marital” counseling. We learned a lot about each other and he is not so shy and now more confident in himself!



At first I dreaded coming to dance class. I was drug there by my fiancé Melissa week in and week out I was in life terms angry. I had to go, but after about 3 lessons it started being fun and very enjoyable. David is great. He makes you feel good and relaxed every time you come. He is an awesome teacher and very professional and very skilled at what he does.




John helped us put together an amazing first dance for our wedding. He’s an excellent and patient teacher, and he really helped make our wedding day extra-special and memorable. Thank You!

Ed & Jill


Josiah helped us learn our first dance and was amazing. We were nervous and didn’t know what to expect. The staff was very helpful and patient. We had a lot of fun with this experience.

Thanks, Heather & David


“David was able to take me from not being able to hear a beat and move with rhythm, to being able to dance my first dance with my wife with confidence. His patience and teaching technique are wonderful.”



“David was able to teach me and my fiancé some really cool dance moves. The only
regret is that we didn’t start taking dance lessons earlier.”



“We discovered David Thompson during a search for someone to help make our first dance at our wedding extra special. His enthusiasm in our initial conversation was infectious and we were excited to begin lessons! We began our lessons with a complete lack of dance ability, an indecisive attitude and a song choice that proved to be a challenge to choreograph a dance to. Up for the challenge, David was wonderfully patient and quick with ideas for us to choose from. He did an excellent job of assessing where we were without ability and what we wanted to achieve in the time allowed. He began by teaching us a basic foundation to begin
with and then built upon that foundation each lesson to it was easy for us to learn with limited time to practice outside of lessons. After just several weeks of lessons, we were able to perform a unique special first dance at our wedding thanks to David’s help. David clearly has a passion for dance and working with people! We looked forward to our lessons each week and hope to continue to have them recreationally in the future. I would highly recommend David based on his demeanor, talent, and passion for what he does!!”

Chris and Emily


Once my fiancée and I got engaged, I quickly began to dread the “first dance” experience. See, I had learned to cook so that I would have some romantic tools at my disposal without having to learn to dance, and considered the fact that I would have to dance anyway as just one more instance of Murphy’s Law giving me grief. This was mostly due to the fact that I lacked the ability to clap in time to a piece of music and moved with all the grace of a drunken three-legged cow or an extremely cheap robot. Less than three months later, I still have trouble clapping in time – but thanks to David’s flexible approach to teaching, dancing now feels almost natural to me. David never lost his patience with me, despite the fact that on several occasions my brain literally shut down from the stress of having to tell multiple parts of my body to move at the same time. Another nice thing is that we learned a style of dance appropriate for the song my fiancé chose (East Coast Swing), and not just a rigid, set routine for that one song. As a result, we are considering continuing to dance after our wedding is over with for fun -which is truly a miracle.



Mike and I decided to take dance lessons for our first dance with our only goal being this: we wanted to do more than sway awkwardly for 3 minutes. I was expecting the lessons to be uncomfortable and rigid, and was generally dreading the experience. Neither one of us had any previous dance experience, and we were so nervous before our first lesson that we almost left the studio before it even began! David put us at ease from the moment we walked in. He listened to the music we brought for ideas, and suggested that one of the songs we had chosen would be perfect for east coast swing. We both loved the idea of having a first dance that was light and fun, but seriously doubted our ability to become swing dancers in mere months.


Much to my surprise, we both had so much fun with this experience. Rather than focusing on teaching us a rigid routine, David focused on first teaching us the basics, then building on the basics while helping us to work better as a team. His teaching method was fantastic for us, and especially for Mike. Mike had no previous musical background, and still can’t tap his foot in time, but David made him a dancer in 2 months!


He also encouraged us not to take the dance too seriously, but rather to have fun with it. I think one of the best things we took away from our lessons was not being able to dance to our song – I’m sure many dance instructors could have taught us that – but the ability to enjoy the dance and make it our own. For something we were both dreading, I am now looking forward to our first dance more than anything else in our upcoming wedding. Our dance does not feel like a “performance”. It feels like us, and that is exactly what we wanted.


I would highly recommend David to any couple looking to take lessons for their first dance. I would have never thought we would be able to come this far in such a short time, or that we would enjoy the learning process as much as we have. For a couple that started with four left feet, we are excited to continue dancing after the wedding. David didn’t just teach us to dance, he taught us to love dancing together!



Coming in not knowing how to dance together at all really helped us learn how to work together and take cues from each other. I am so extremely excited about our first dance now, whereas before I think we were terrified to be in front of so many friends and family. These pre-wedding dance lessons have really given us an opportunity to connect as a couple and take some much needed breaks from all of our wedding planning frenzy. We both thank David so much for all of the time he spent helping us perfect our first dance!
Jenny Knight


The studio was 30 minutes away from our home in University City; however, the experience was well worth the drive. David’s patient teaching style helped us to become confident and comfortable with our wedding dance. I had never really danced before and by the end of the lessons I was confident about our wedding day and was having a lot of fun learning something new with my fiance. Thanks again!

Brian Huck