Mike and Nikki are fantastic dancers and brilliant event managers ! They are the perfect choice for anyone who wants to plan an event or wants to learn to dance. Trust me, you won’t be disappointed in their exceptional service.

About Us

It all started one Sunday afternoon when Nikki McAllister watched a rerun the first season of Dancing with the stars on PBS. It was “love at first sight”!  So Nikki decided to sign up for Ballroom Dance lessons at a local dance studio. But soon this became more than just a hobby for Nikki. She realized 15 years ago there were no ballroom dance studios in St. Charles County! So Nikki McAllister saw that as a tremendous opportunity. So she decided to start Dance Pizazz in a 3,000-square-foot ballroom in St. Peters, MO.  But Dance Pizazz quickly outgrew this location in St Peters, thanks to the incredible support of the community. 

But did you know Nikki’s husband Mike walked in for a pair of dance shoes thirteen years ago? Cleverly, Nikki hired him. (he never did get dance shoes!!!). Today, Mike and Nikki have a beautiful family together with 2 amazing boys. From the very beginning, Nikki and her husband Mike were a powerhouse team. In fact, Mike was perfect to partner with Nikki because of his background in pre-med and Argentine Tango.

Dance Pizazz operates in their stunning 8,500-square-foot venue in the heart of O’Fallon, MO and is more successful than ever. In fact, starting in 2024 The Dance Pizazz Ballroom is available for event rentals. There is no doubt, Nikki and Mike’s passion and expertise will continue to guide Dance Pizazz to even greater heights in the years to come. And get this—Nikki and Mike’s wedding reception was the first event hosted in The new Dance Pizazz Ballroom! So hats off to these two “lovebirds” and their amazing journey. We can’t wait to see what else they have in store!

Experience Over 30 Years of Unmatched Dance and Teaching experience!

Look no further than Mike and Nikki McAllister and the Dance Pizazz staff if you want to experience great dancing. Not only are their performances truly awe-inspiring but they are inspirational. Dance Pizazz is an expert at delivering a consistent first-rate ballroom dance curriculum with certified instructors and top-notch staff. But also know with confidence you are in the hands of seasoned professionals to help you.

Mike and Nikki McAllister owners of Dance Pizazz ballroom dance studio in St Charles County
Mike and Nikki McAllister owners of Dance Pizazz walking through the 8000 square foot ballroom rental space

THE Dance PiZAZZ BALLROOM is A "HIDDEN GEM"! Experience it for your self and book a tour!

In 2018, Mike and Nikki McAllister had a vision for a bigger and better ballroom dance studio. The 3,000 square foot Dance Pizazz ballroom in St Peters, MO was no longer enough. This influenced Mike and Nikki to move Dance Pizazz to O’Fallon, MO. This new Dance Pizazz ballroom can not only accommodate more clientele for dance lessons but also now host events. The new ballroom boasts an impressive 8,000 square foot space. Mike and Nikki McAllister are thrilled to announce that starting in 2024. The Dance Pizazz Ballroom will be offering ballroom rentals for a range of events, including wedding ceremonies and receptions, corporate events, parties, and more!

Learning to dance will be more fun and easier than you ever could have imagined!

Dance Pizazz takes great pride in our team of professional instructors who have extensive training and deliver exceptional dance experiences. Dance Pizazz has unwavering commitment to make certain that every student receives the proper amount of time, dedication, and patience required to become an excellent dancer. At Dance Pizazz, the ultimate goal is to teach you how to enjoy dancing for the rest of your life. Whether you are interested in Argentine Tango, Salsa, Wedding Dance, or traditional dances such as Foxtrot, Waltz, Tango, Swing, Cha Cha, Rumba, and Mambo.

Our specialized dance instruction is tailored to meet your specific needs whether you are interested in Argentine Tango, Salsa, Wedding Dance, or traditional dances such as Foxtrot, Waltz, Tango, Swing, Cha Cha, Rumba, and Mambo. We provide different types of lessons for you from, including private lessons, group classes, social dance parties, showcases & trophy balls, competition training, fun trips, and other exciting opportunities to enhance your dancing experience!

Dance Pizazz is committed to delivering outstanding dance experiences in an environment that is warm and inclusive. Our primary goal is to help individuals achieve their dance objectives, whether it be for physical fitness, socializing, self-love, or competition. We surpass expectations by offering the highest-quality instruction in one of St. Charles County’s most exquisite ballrooms. Our team of Professional Instructors improve their skills through ongoing training and prioritize the specific needs of each individual student. Our mission is to ensure that every student is satisfied and achieves their desired goals. This makes Dance Pizazz the ultimate destination for dance enthusiasts.