St Louis Ballroom Lessons for Dancers
St Louis Ballroom Dance Classes and Lessons

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Dance is the ultimate form of expression. Music and emotion are tied to each other at a subconscious level, and dance is the easiest and most natural way to express how you feel. From the toe-tapping energy of Swing to the hip-swaying shake of Salsa, dance allows you to let that energy and emotion out in a healthy and satisfying way.

Dance Pizazz is the St. Louis area's funnest, friendliest Dance Studio that provides style, elegance, friendliness, and fun in one location. From students in competition levels to those trying their first Foxtrot, Dance Pizazz welcomes every level of dance. So come down and meet new friends, learn new dances, and establish a healthy outlet for the music coursing through your veins. Join us today!


St Louis Ballroom Dancing Classes and Lessons

Not sure where to get started? Look no further, as we have the perfect starting place for you. Get your first exposure in the friendliest and "funnest" dance spot in town! We'll work with you (at any level of experience) for ballroom, latin, swing, salsa or wedding dance, and bring you quickly to your dancing goals!

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"Learning Ballroom Dancing at Dance Pizazz with David and Nikki has been an astonishing journey for me. David and Nikki are very friendly, amicable and patient instructors. If you have two left feet for dancing, then let Dance Pizazz give you the correct pair of feet. Learn Waltz, Tango, Foxtrot, Cha cha, Rumba, Swing, Salsa, and many other dances. Their weekly lessons are excellent. The instructors split the dance step-by-step which helps to understand the dance-move. Dance partners are NOT required. This also helps building the ability to dance socially with anyone. This place has wonderful wooden floor and social dance parties are held two times in a month."

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Dance Pizazz Shares Three Tips on How Dancing Can Boost The Immune System

Dance Pizazz is aware of life’s many stressors and wants to help dancers stay healthy for life.

(PRWeb March 18, 2013)

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