Group Lessons are an important addition to your private instruction.

Dancers can improve their skills by learning new steps, dancing with different partners, developing good habits, and dancing with other students in the studio.

Group Dance Lessons

Hey there! We’re excited to tell you about our group dance classes that can actually enhance your private dance lessons! When you join a group dance class, you’ll have the chance to dance with a variety of teachers and students which can really speed up your learning process. Group dance classes are all about having fun and meeting new people, and our group classes are no exception. You’ll get to develop great dance habits, and learn all new figures and patterns that you can try out with different partners. Best of all, you’ll never feel pressured to dance with someone you don’t want to! We want you to feel 100% comfortable so you can really focus on enjoying the experience. Our group dance classes are tailored for different levels of experience, so you’ll always be dancing with people who are at the same level as you. And don’t worry, you’ll never be penalized for being single – everyone is welcome at Dance Pizazz! So come join us and let’s learn and grow together.

Benefits of Group Dance Lessons

Interact with new partners – Improve your social dancing skills by attending group classes and interacting with different partners. This will expose you to new dances and steps, while also helping you to sharpen your ballroom dancing etiquette.

Relaxed and stress-free – With a relaxed and stress-free environment, our group classes are the perfect way to unleash your inner social butterfly and grow as a dancer. Join us now and see how you can become a better dancer through social interaction!

New Student Private Lesson

Get started today with a New Student Private Dance Lesson. Schedule a Private Lesson with one of our Professional Dance Instructors.