St Louis Ballroom Lessons for Dancers

Ballroom Dance Private Lessons

At Dance Pizazz we offer lessons in all forms of Ballroom, Latin and Swing dancing. We work with student at all levels of dance- from first time students, social dancers, wedding couples, fitness fans to top-notch competitors. We have all-ages of students including kids, teens, and adults. No matter what your dance experience, we'll help you to achieve your goals.

Ballroom Dance Private lessons are the best way for you to receive the individual attention to help you sharpen your dance skills and increase the rate at which you gain confidence in dancing. Private dance lessons provide you the fastest pathway toward your dancing goals and may be taken individually or with a partner. So what are the major benefits of private lessons?

  1. Have a hectic schedule? Private lessons are scheduled around your available times.
  2. The individual attention of a professional instructor ensures the most rapid and thorough retention of the material YOU want to learn.
  3. You will be able to learn at your own pace. Let’s face it, everyone learns at different rates. Some people can just watch something once and get it (don’t you hate that?). Some learn in greater detail, but require more repetition. We are all different. So in a private lesson we will tailor the pace and methodology to how you learn and your personal goals.
  4. No partner needed, or if you to have one–no worries–you’re in a private setting and you don’t need to rotate partners like in a group class.
  5. You are much less likely to develop bad dance habits in private lessons. In a group class the instructor just does not have enough eyes to watch every student at all times and thus bad dance habits can develop under the radar. But, enjoying private dance lessons under the watchful eye of your dance instructor, will allow him or her to quickly identify and correct any errors before they develop into dreaded bad habits that will slow you down later.
  6. Private lessons are just that: just you and your instructor in your lesson. If you are shy and uncomfortable with your dance skill; well then, private lessons are for you. No “audience” to watch you while you’re learning–enjoy the individual focus of your instructor. No worries—we remember what it was like getting started, and are on your team and will help you every step of the way!
  7. Private dance lessons are quite simply the most important ingredient in a “well-balanced diet” for anyone who wants to grow in dancing confidence and skill.
  8. Get started today for only $25: Enroll here.