St Louis Ballroom Lessons for Dancers
Ballroom Wedding Dance St Louis

Ballroom Wedding Dance St Louis

Impress your guests with a truly memorable First Dance as husband and wife. Believe it when we say we can make you look natural and confident much faster than you can imagine! Our professional dance instructors will work with you to either create and develop a dance routine customized to your specific song or help you gracefully dance steps by lead/follow on the dance floor. If you don't already have a song picked out, we have many of the most popular songs and can help you with your selection.

At Dance Pizazz we're confident that your Ballroom Wedding Dance St Louis lessons will be one of the most memorable experiences you and your future spouse will have as you prepare for your new lives together. Our custom wedding dance lessons are designed to teach you and your future spouse to dance together and strengthening your partnership regardless of how experienced each of you may be.

Benefits of Learning Ballroom Wedding Dance St Louis at Dance Pizazz

  • Weddings can be stressful. Taking the time to enjoy the fun of learning Ballroom Wedding Dance St Louis together as a couple can help strengthen your relationship during the wedding preparation process. Many couples have commented that they felt that dance lessons were even better than going to counseling.
  • Learning to dance together develops trust in and respect of, one another. By learning to move with one another intuitively in unison is a great way to start the foundation for your marriage.
  • Practicing dance together before the event is a great way to help you build confidence together and gets you both ready for the big day.
  • Our proprietary approach and methods of training reduce worries, stress and uncertainty to the minimum, and help both—Groom and Bride—be fully prepared for a fun and amazing wedding dance.

We will make learning Ballroom Wedding Dance in St Louis the easiest part of planning your wedding. Our instructors have many years of experience in working with wedding couples. Click below to see some of our wedding dance referrals.

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From helping you decide how to bustle your dress (to avoid any dance disasters), which shoes are best to dance in (did you know we can cover them in bling?), to picking out your song and all of the other specific details that go into planning your first dance, we will be here to help make the entire process easier. We understand how stressful and time-consuming planning a wedding can be, and we’re here to make this it as simple and as easy as possible.

Your lessons can also be used to learn the basics of some of the other dances… The last thing we want you to do is dance an amazing first dance together and then not know how to dance for the rest of the evening. We are here to make your special night stress-free, fun, and unforgettable.

Dance Pizazz offers personalized wedding packages to accommodate every dance level.

Call us today to get more information and to set-up for your initial consultation.

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Additional Tips for a Stress Free First Dance

  1. Plan Ahead – Give the same attention to planning your first dance as you do your gown, food, invitations, and flowers. Give yourself time, at least six months prior to avoid being overwhelmed with last minute wedding preparations.
  2. Music Selection – Will you have a live band playing your wedding song? If so, we can use a recorded version of your song during your lessons and for practicing at home. Not sure of the song for you? Our dance professional instructors can help you select a memorable wedding song that will make you smile for years to come every time you hear the song on the radio.
  3. Dance Selection – We will help you choreograph your first dance based on the personality of both you and your fiancee’. We can tailor it from a very simple, basic dance to a full blown choreographed jaw-dropping performance—you pick!
  4. Shoes – Choosing suitable shoes for dancing is important if you want to glide across the floor with confidence and grace. If you don’t have shoes yet we can help you get shoes to make you look and dance the best!