Celebrity Coaching- Larinda McRaven
Private Lessons & Dance Master Seminars

Friday, May 17 – All Day

Larinda boasts an impressive competitive record, amassing over 200 professional titles. These include prestigious accolades such as North American Professional Champion, United States Open Professional Finalist, and World Professional Finalist. Larinda’s artistry extends beyond solo performances. She has also achieved recognition as a Top Rising Star Couple, Classic du Quebec Champion (both Ballroom and Showdance), Manhattan Dance Champion, Yankee Classic Champion, and Triple Crown Circuit Champion.

 Larinda’s passion for dance extends beyond competition. She is the owner of The Gateway Dancesport Championship, fostering a vibrant dance community.  Her dedication to the art form is further solidified by her degree in Theatre and Stage Performance. Due to her high demand, Larinda’s coaching spots are limited.  Inquire with your instructor today to secure your opportunity to train with this exceptional champion.

Larinda McRaven Owner of Gateway Ballroom Dance Championships
Larinda Smooth line

Celebrity Coach Larinda McRaven - Dance Masters Group Lesson Smooth

Friday May 17 from 6:00-6:45pm

Dance Masters Smooth Seminar Turns and Spins

Elevate Your Smooth Dancing with Larinda! Join us for the Dance Master’s Smooth Seminar, led by the renowned dance champion, Larinda McRaven. This exciting workshop is perfect for dancers of all levels, partner or no partner required! During the seminar, Larinda will guide you through mastering the art of smooth turns and spins. You’ll have the opportunity to refine your technique, gain valuable insights, and most importantly, have a blast learning alongside fellow dance enthusiasts. Dance Masters Rhythm Seminar Dan

Celebrity Coach Larinda McRaven - Dance Masters Group Lesson Rhythm

Friday May 17 from 6:45-7:30pm

Dance Masters Rhythm Seminar Dancing Between Steps

Dancing Between Steps isn’t just a catchy phrase, it’s the magic that happens in our Dance Master’s Group Lesson!  Led by the esteemed Larinda, you’ll discover the joy of movement and unlock your hidden dance potential. This welcoming class is perfect for all levels, no partner necessary!  Larinda, with her infectious rhythm and expertise, will guide you through captivating moves that will leave you grinning from ear to ear. Don’t miss this opportunity to take flight!  Contact your instructor today to secure your spot in this dynamic group lesson.