Guest Dance Parties

Develop Social Dance Skills: Musicality

Guest Dance Parties are a great way to get to develop social dance skills by gaining a better understanding of musicality all while having fun! They can enhance what you’re learning in your private dance lessons by learning what to dance to a variety of songs.  Guest Dance Parties are for dancers, like the batting cages are for baseball players, or the driving range is for golfers.

How to Dance to Music at Guest Parties?

There are no hard and fast rules for which dance must be performed to a particular song. However, some dances have unique music that makes them easy to identify. 

To determine what dance to do to a song, you can:

– Get a feel for the song’s speed. Is it fast like Cha Cha or slow like Rumba?

– Rule out if it’s a Waltz. Waltz is Waltz.

– Listen to its rhythm/feel. Is it swanky like Foxtrot or spicy like Salsa?

– When in doubt, step it out. Try the basic like the box. Does it feel good with the music? See what dance others are doing. Don’t be surprised if you see several styles!

– If you get stuck…ask your instructor =)

Over time, the process of matching songs to dances will become faster and simpler.


– Make a game out of matching dances to songs when you’re not out dancing.

– Listen to songs that are pre-selected for dancing. 

– Be respectful of other dancers on the floor.