The Diamond Dance Mini-Match Summer Classic coming Saturday, May 13, 2023 to Dance Pizazz!

4 Reasons Why Everyone Should Participate – including YOU!

Let’s be honest competitive ballroom dancing isn’t top of most people’s lists. Most people start ballroom dancing because they see that inspirational couple on the dance floor having a blast, and they want to learn too. To look confident and be comfortable on the dance floor, and to simply avoid looking silly or making of fool of themselves are the most common goals we’ve seen at Dance Pizazz over the last 15 years. I bet starting out as a beginner you said to yourself “I just want to get through my beginner program I’ll never be a bronze dancer.” But as lessons continued, you started trusting your dance instructor more to lead you in your dance journey. 

“But why do they keep asking about participating in upcoming competition or mini-matches? What’s the big deal? I don’t want nor need to compete. I’m not the person learning to dance to show off or get first place.”

Your dance instructor must have the secret ingredient, the missing key to really taking your dancing to your full potential. How often have you seen other dancers and wondered how they got so smooth? How often have you wished for that magic fairy dance dust to be sprinkled upon your head? Well, the secret is the mini-matches. They will accelerate the speed you learn ballroom dancing faster than you ever imagined possible. Let’s dig into a little more detail on exactly how this happens.

  1. Drumroll please…. GOALS. Yes, simply said goals are the one ingredient that helps us stay laser focused on making progress. Goals are motivating and setting a goal of a mini-match is much different than coming to the next group lesson. With a mini-match as a goal, you will focus more, work harder, and in the end understand more than you ever imagined possible.
  2. Community is a must. Yes, even for the introvert, community allows us to engage around like-minded individuals who all inspire and help our dancing get better. Mini-matches are about being part of the Dance Pizazz community of dancers. It’s about the energy of bringing family and friends all together who cheer and support.
  3. We all fell in love with ballroom because of social dance. Do you remember how nervous you got before your first Saturday Guest Party or when your instructor asked you for the first time to demonstrate in front of another student? Whenever we push past things that bring us outside of our comfort zone we see growth. To build confidence we need growing experience that make us uncomfortable at first. The first Mini-Match can be stressful, nerve wrecking, and uncomfortable at first for a student to go through but that also makes it the most productive for growth. A student can learn more from participating in one mini-match then in 12 private dance lessons because its about what we learn from the experience. And besides, after being on the floor with a judge, several couples, an audience cheering, a practice party or Saturday guest part will feel like a breeze! Build confidence with mini-matches and you’ll be a better social dancer.
  4. It’s a WHOLE LOT OF FUN! After you get past the fact you feel like your instructor left you in the deep end, then you’ll start to have fun! The first few dances will be a bit rough as you warm up your muscles but then magically you’ll start to feel more familiar with your routines. Then a couple more times out you’ll be completely in love. In love with the experience of this crazy world we call ballroom dance. It will be one of the most exhilarating experiences and you will feel alive. You’ll hear everyone cheering for you; you’ll start to understand how things work and what a heat is; you’ll get to the part of having fun and you’ll understand what all the hype is about; you’ll have a fabulous experience that helps you towards your dance goals of becoming confident and comfortable on the social dance floor.

If you’d like more information about the Diamond Dance Mini-Matches please contact us at info! or call 636-441-6854 to