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New Student - Virtual Private Lesson

Dance Pizazz’s Virtual Private lessons are a great way to improve your dancing. All you need is a device with a webcam and internet and your one step closer to dancing! Next we need to set up a time for your Virtual Lesson. This is simple, just call us at 636-441-6854 and we will help you pick the best date and time for you and a Professional Instructor. At the start of your lesson your instructor will do a quick goal setting session to see what you want to gain from your dancing, and the your off DANCING! 

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We use ZOOM for Virtual private lessons. Zoom Client can be downloaded at:

Once you’ve downloaded the app, set up an account and your all set! We will send you an email the day of the lesson with a link for the meeting.

An ideal area is 10ft x 10ft. That way you can dance multiple figures without having to re-adjust.

You can use many different devices!   I-Phones, Android Phones, Laptops, Desktops, Tablets etc…

  • Iphones and android phones can be attatched to a tripod, and mirrored to a smart tv. Angle the phone down in landscape mode so we can see your feet from a distance. You can see us on the TV.        PHONE MOUNT LINK
  • Laptops work great also! You can use the laptop Screen or use an HDMI adapter to connect them directly to a TV. Elevate your laptops camera and Angle it down so your instructor can see your feet. You can see the Instructor on the Laptop or TV Screen.        HDMI CABLE LINK
  • IPads or Tablets Work Great Too. Using a tablet mount on a tripod works best. Angle the Tablet down so your instructor can see your feet from a distance. You can see your instructor in the tablet screen.    TABLET MOUNT LINK
  • There are all sorts of technology out there, and we are savvy to all the different forms. If you are having trouble with any of the methods mentioned above, shoot us an E-mail and we will happily do a test run with you to figure out the best mothods for you to take a virtual Private Lesson. E-Mail us at

No. We teach both singles and couples. Taking a lesson by yourself is very common. Your instructor will be your partner during the private lessons, and you might even find you learn much faster since there is only one person learning.

We specialize in all the partnership dances including Waltz, Tango, Foxtrot, Cha-Cha, Rumba, Swing, and Salsa, to Country 2-Step and even some of the Line Dances. We have Instructors who are Experts in Wedding Dance Instruction & Photo Lines. We can help with all of your Social Dance needs for partner dancing.
Private lessons are the fastest way to learn how to dance! Lessons are at your own pace and custom tailored to how you learn best. We will be able to answer all your questions, and give you guidance and even routines.

Keeping your lessons close together, especially in the beginning in recommended in the beginning. You’ll forget if you have less time between lessons which means you’ll need less time to review, and you will learn quicker and reach a confident level in your dancing sooner.